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Functional Nutrition takes a
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"When a plant's leaves are turning yellow,
you don't paint the leaves green.

You look at the cause of the problem.

If only we treated our bodies the same way!"

                                                                  - Dr. Frank Lipman

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7-days of Real Food!
Can YOU do it?
Research shows that a diet
rich in whole foods
supports optimal health


But experience tells me that not a day goes by without you likely eating some sort of processed food.  Am I right?  I get it. Life is super busy these days and when we run short on time to cook, it's easier to grab the quickest item which can often be a packaged product.  


Think of a machine, such an automobile.

It works great when it's maintained well.


If you add sand to the machine, it will start to function poorly.  The inside of the machine will get all mucked up and slowly ruin the gears.  But if you maintain your machine by providing it with good oil and limited sand, it will continue to run well with great results.  

Your body is a machine!

Whole foods are the 'oil'

Processed food products are the 'sand'

One of the best things you can do to reset your health is to remove all processed food products from your diet, even for as little as a week!  

You've got nothing to lose and so much health to gain!   Give your body and your mind a reset starting today.  Come on, it's only for 7 days!  How hard can it be?

Nutrition Support Services
Since science shows that all the ways that we nourish ourselves matters, we offer several other services to support you on your wellness journey so you can live your life with optimal health!

Customized Meal Plans
Supplement Dispensary
Yoga and Meditation

In cases where food just isn't enough to meet your unique nutritional needs, we offer professional-grade therapeutic supplements to help you get your personal nutrition needs back in balance.  

Online Yoga

Consuming a well-balanced diet is part of a healthy lifestyle but so is managing stress.  Excess stress changes our nutritional needs and affects our body in a negative manner.  Managing stress is an essential part of living healthfully.

We offer a variety of

customized meal plans to help you get your meals back on track. Choose from a variety of options such as anti-inflammatory, family flex plan, plant-based, optimal metabolism, low FODMAP or a full 28-day refresh plan!  

"Health is not valued

until sickness comes."

        - Thomas Fuller


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