"Let food be thy medicine

and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)



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"When a plant's leaves are turning yellow, you don't paint the leaves green.  You look at the cause of the problem.
If only we treated our bodies the same way!"
                            - Dr. Frank Lipman
My Story


Nutrition Matters, LLC first began in Hoboken, NJ in February 2005 and is now located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Much of my previous work was with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies helping individuals and groups find creative ways to integrate healthier habits into their busy lives.  Together, we looked at the root cause of what is ailing people and we found solutions that were suited to their unique nutritional biochemical needs and personal goals.  It's like a personalized recipe so you can enjoy life with optimal health!


"Nutrition is about more than the food we choose to eat for our body.  It's about how we nourish ourselves in other ways too including mind

 and spirit.  We are all a collection of amazing synergies"

 - Linda McLachlan, MA, RDN, FMN, CLT

My Approach

Through my own journey and from working with thousands of people throughout the years, I've learned how food not only provides calories for our bodies but how it also provides information that speaks to our unique biochemistry. The food we eat communicates with our individual chemical make-up and has a direct influence on whether we end up with disease in our bodies or not. In fact, common ailments such as headaches, constipation, brain fog and fatigue are actually symptoms that something in our body is out of balance.  

Even still, nutrition is about more than just the food we choose to eat for our body.  Nutrition is about how we nourish ourselves in other ways too including mind and spirit. It's why all nutrition matters. I welcome the opportunity to join you on this journey to help restore your unique nutritional balance so you can enjoy optimal health. Welcome to my site!

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition gets to the
root of the problem


   Do you experience any of the following symptoms on a regular basis?


                                    daily aches and pains                    brittle nails

                                    thinning hair                                   fatigue

                                    brain fog                                          lack of energy

                                    need for caffeine to 'wake up'     memory lapses

                                    constipation                                    diarrhea

                                    abdominal bloating                       sugar cravings

                                    migraines                                        food sensitivities

                                    depression                                      anxiety

                                    skin disturbances                           gingivitis (inflammation of the gums)

If you answered yes to any of the above, then there is likely

a nutritional imbalance behind it.  

Functional Nutrition looks deep into your nutritional status...at the cellular level!

Think of a machine.  It works great when it's maintained well.

If you add sand to the machine, it will start to function poorly.  The inside of the machine will get all mucked up and slowly ruin the gears. But if you maintain your machine by providing it with good oil and limited sand, it will continue to run well with great results.  

Your body is a machine!

Adequate nutrients are the 'oil'.

Poor nutritional intake is the 'sand'.

The quality of the nutrients that you put into your body determines the quality of health

you will get out of your body. 

Many common everyday ailments are caused by an imbalance in the nutritional status of the body at the cellular level (the "roots")!

Meet Linda


Hello and welcome to Nutrition Matters, LLC.  This is a wellness and nutrition consulting company founded in 2005 by Linda McLachlan, MA, RDN.  Linda is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with a Master's degree in Nutrition Education and over 18 years of experience coaching individuals and working with corporate wellness events.  She holds Advanced Certification in Functional Nutrition and is also a KRI Certified Yoga Instructor.  Check out the Class Schedule If you'd like to try one of the online yoga classes.


Thoughts from Linda:

"I'm passionate about whole foods and my years of experience has taught me that all nutrition matters; not only the nourishment that we give our body with the foods we eat, but also how we nourish our mind and spirit.  I invite you to browse this site to find out more!"