"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition."  
                              - Thomas Edison, 1902 

Functional nutrition works by putting the time into make lasting lifestyle changes. It takes time to slowly integrate them into your every day in order for these changes to become new habits.
To give you an idea of the commitment involved in some cases, here are some examples of our IFMNT packages that have worked well for our clients.  These are solely suggestions and are not specific for everyone.  
If a client requires several follow-ups to realistically and successfully reach their goals, then a commitment to the process has been shown to yield more successful results. 

Nutrition Clean-up Package

Feel like you've strayed from your usual health routine?  This package includes a 1 hour nutritional health screening consult and one 30-minute follow-up coaching session.  Also includes a flavor palate assessment and supporting resources to get your nutrition

back on track.

Total Health Transformation Package

The ultimate in disease prevention, learn where your health may be headed and incorporate more of the foods that will change the current direction of your health! This package includes a Comprehensive Medical Nutrition Assessment, four follow-up consults, one flavor palate assessment along with supporting personalized nutritional resources, roadmaps and recipes.

Food Sensitivities

Not sure why you're not feeling so great?  You may have food sensitivities.  If you haven't been tested for them before, we can guide you on what test to consider.  Once we have the results, we can review them with you and help translate what dietary adjustments or substitutions can be made. This consult is 1 hour 30 minutes and includes personalized recipes with nutrition resources.

Nutrigenomic Assessment

Food is more than calories to our bodies.  It provides information in the form of biochemistry that communicates with our genes.  This consult is 1 hour 30 minutes.  We look at your gene SNPs and translate this science into specific foods that can help regulate how your genes may express themselves. Specific nutrition guidelines unique to your SNPs are provided.  If you have been tested already, bring your results.  If not, we can order a test for you.

4-Pack of Follow-up Consults

For those who would like additional support or to have a re-evaluation of your nutritional health in order to assess improvements.  This package includes four sessions of follow-up consults.  All follow-up consults are 45 minute each. Follow-up consults must be purchased as a package.