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Frequently Asked Questions....

Q:  Are you professionally and legally licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy?

A: Yes, I am a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).  In order to earn the RDN credential, I was required to complete a 4-year degree program along with a one-year residency program.  Upon completing my residency, I was required to pass a national registration exam. In order to maintain my RDN credential, I am required to complete continuing education credits which I keep up with every year.  

This training is much more thorough compared to many of the general online certificate courses to become a "nutritionist" that are available on the internet today.   

Although my RDN credential is recognized nationwide, each state can have their own state licensure requirements.  As of December 2016, New Jersey still does not require licensure in order for someone to practice as a "nutritionist".  Therefore, it is very important to seek the services of a trained Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist when seeking Medical Nutrition Therapy.


Q: Do you participate with insurance companies?

A:  Not at this time, but we may in the future and if we do, we will update this site with that information.  We used to be providers but have found that since we focus largely on the prevention of disease, insurance does not always cover our services.  It would depend largely on your individual health insurance plan.  Currently, we are a cash business only accepting cash, check, and most major credit cards.  If your doctor already diagnosed you with a particular health concern, we can provide you with a copy of a paid receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement*.  

*Reimbursement decisions are made solely by your health insurance company.

Q:  Do you offer in-person consults?

A:  Yes, we have office space located at O'Shea Yoga in Wyckoff, New Jersey for in-person consults.  I also provide consults via phone or virtual meetings using Skype. Call or email us anytime if you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment. 

Q:  Do you require all of your patients to purchase and take supplements?

A:  No, not at all.  In fact, we encourage getting the nutrition your body needs from food first.  We recommend supplements only when nutritionally necessary for optimal health which is a very individualized case.  It really depends on your body's ability to absorb certain nutrients related to your current health status, past medical history, other Rx meds you may be taking, the current quality of your nutrient intake, any SNPs, among other factors. We assess all of this in a Comprehensive Medical Nutrition Therapy Consult. We hope that if you take supplements, you take them responsibly, knowing if they have any interactions with other Rx or OTC medications you may also be taking.  We can also help with questions about nutrient interactions.

Q:  Do you require patients to purchase only the supplements that you sell on this site?  

A:  No, not at all.  Since supplements are not tightly regulated for quality, I always recommend that you purchase supplements from a reputable source.  We have taken the time to research the companies that we feel the most comfortable with in terms of quality and we are able to offer these quality professional-grade supplements to our patients as a convenience. Our prices are slightly discounted than what is often found in the retail market.  You are free to purchase your supplements from wherever you would like, should you choose to do so. Although, orders through my site allows me the ability to pre-select the items I recommend for you so you can easily purchase them without the guesswork of sourcing the best product.  I already do that for you and offer this as a convenience for you.  Since this is my online dispensary, the items you choose to purchase based on my recommendation are shipped within a few days directly to your home or office. But you are welcome to purchase supplements from another source on your own as well.

Q:  Do I have to be a patient of yours to be able to order supplements from your site?

A:  No, not at all.  Since it's so convenient to place orders and have them delivered right to your home within a few days, lots of my clients recommend ordering their supplements through me to their friends and family members who are not my patients. You will need a special code to access my professional page.  Just call or email us and we will be happy to provide you with this code. (The dispensary company does not allow this code to be published on a website, otherwise we would post it here.)  


Q: What is included in the various packages for your medical nutrition therapy (MNT) consult 


A:  The following is a list of the items that are included in each MNT consult package:  

 - Comprehensive Medical Nutrition Assessment

     - one 1-hour and 30 minute consult

     - detailed nutritional assessment (including health history and current medicals/supplements you may be taking).

     - nutrition resources and recipes

     - access to our private Facebook Page

*Additional functional testing may be recommended as warranted.  Tests would be an additional fee and is dependent on the markers you want to test for.  Tests are available in our office.

-  Nutrition Clean-up Package

     - one 1-hour consult to screen for general nutritional health

     - one 45-minute follow-up consult

     - one flavor palate assessment

     - nutrition resources and recipes

     - access to our private Facebook Page

 -  Total Health Transformation Package

     - one Comprehensive Medical Nutrition Assessment          

     - four 45-minute follow-up consults 

     - one flavor palate assessment

     - nutrition resources and recipes

     - access to our private Facebook Page

 -  Food Sensitivities*

     - one 1-hour and 30-minute consult

     - nutrition resources and recipes

     - access to our private Facebook Page

*Food sensitivity lab testing is an additional fee based on the test you choose to have done.  Tests are available in our office.

 - Nutrigenomic Assessment*

     - one 1-hour and 30-minute consult

     - nutrition resources and recipes

     - access to our private Facebook Page

*Genomic testing is an additional fee and is dependent on the markers you want to test for.  Tests are available in our office.

 - 4-Pack of Follow-up Consults   

     - four consults of 45-minutes each

     - each consult is to be used individually when needed

     - follow-up consults must be purchased as a package

     - follow-up consults must be used within one year from date of purchase.

 - Resting Metabolic Rate Test

     - one 30-minute consult for testing and discussion of results

 - Flavor Palate Assessment

     - one 30-minute consult for testing and discussion of results


Q: What is included with the different catered Nourished Cleanse Programs?


A:   We offer the choice of either a 1-day, 3-day, or 7-day program.  We deliver a cooler full of all of the food you will need for the following day, with the exception of water.  We continue this for each day that you are on the cleanse, depending on how many days you purchased.  All items are delivered to your home the night before and are left in the cooler that we provide during the program. All you have to do is enjoy the deliciously nourishing homemade foods and snacks that are provided and leave all empty glass containers and lids back in the cooler when you are done.  You don't even need to wash any dishes; just a rinse will do.  We will collect all of the empty container from your cooler the next night when we make our next delivery of scrumptious foods.


You also have the option of picking up your foods. Contact us for more information.  Group discount rates also are available.


Delivery is free and is limited to specific areas near and around Wyckoff and Ridgewood, NJ.  Email us to inquire about delivery locations.

Q:  What can I expect from a consultation with you?

A:  In addition to my training as an RDN, I am also trained in the art of integrative and functional nutrition, which means that I take the time to go through a thorough assessment of your nutritional health so that I can best get to the root of what is causing your nutritional imbalances.  When you contact me to set up an appointment, I will email you a welcome email with a link to our web-based HIPPA-compliant platform called LivingMatrix which will walk through how to complete a detailed assessment form.  Once the assessment forms are completed online, our office will contact you to set up your appointment.  We ask that you have any lab work that you may have had recently (preferably within the past 6 months) sent to our office prior to your appointment.  The lab work that I would be looking for includes any typical bloodworm that you had recently checked with your doctor such as glucose, cholesterol, thyroid levels, etc.  Having this information ahead of time allows me to maximize our appointment time together.  If you cannot get this information to me before your scheduled appointment, please bring it with you if you have an in-person appointment scheduled but understand that this will make our time together less efficient.  If we have a telehealth appointment (meeting via Skype or over the telephone), then we will need to reschedule our appointment time as I will not have the required papers in front of me to properly assess your nutritional status. At your appointment, or prior to it if it will be via telehealth, we will have some additional business forms for you to sign for HIPPA compliance, consent, and cancellation policies.


Q:  What is your cancellation policy?

A:  Life gets busy and I do understand that things come up sometimes that we just cannot control.  If you need to cancel your appointment, please call our office as soon as you are able at 917-603-8498 to reschedule.  We appreciate a 3-day advanced cancellation notice if possible but require at least a 24-hour notice for schedule conflicts.  If you need to cancel the day of your appointment on more than one occation, we will charge a $20 fee as this appointment could have been scheduled for another patient. We appreciate your understanding with this policy.  

Q:  Are you available for questions in between appointment times?

A:  Yes, my goal is to see you succeed and I'm always happy to help.  For questions, you can take advantage of the great resources and support from our private Facebook page.  I also make myself available during the time that you are on one of our Cleanse programs.  If you'd like to consult for longer, you can purchase a Follow-up Consult package and use the appointments in various time allotments as you'd like as well.

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