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Clients often ask me about products I like and where they can find them.  The following are products that I use and recommend.  I continually add to this list and update it as I discover new items.

My inspiration....

My kids had fruit roll-up treats at a friend's house one day and asked me to get some.  When I saw how much high fructose corn syrup and other preservatives and food colorings were added in the product, I knew I could do better.  

I like this product because...

Using a good quality gelatin (I get mine through my Doctor's Supplement Supply store), I easily make my own fruit leathers that my kids enjoy.  I've used this dehydrator to make dried fruits as well - apple slices, pineapple and mango are my family's favorites.  This is also great for drying fresh grown herbs or even making crunchy almonds and other mixed nuts.

I highly recommend the extra trays for this product so you can increase efficiency!  This comes in very handy when you have an abundance of apples after a day of apple picking, a big harvest of homegrown herbs, or just about anything you have in bulk that you want to use this dehydrator for!

The extra fruit leather trays are great too!  This sits right on top of the regular tray so you have a solid base to pour the fruit mixture onto when you are making fruit leathers.  

My inspiration....

Ever since I finally committed to a more regular yoga and meditation practice at O'Shea Yoga studio, I decided it was time to get my own meditation pillow.

I like this product because...

This particular pillow was recommended to me by a friend who is a more experienced yogi.  A meditation pillow helps you keep your posture accurate when sitting in 'easy pose'. This one offers a good 

design and helps provide great back support. The cover is also 

removable for easy washing.

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