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You are invited to answer some questions about how you're currently feeling to get a glimpse of your nutritional health status.  After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a Health Score from me which will indicate how your nutritional health looks right now.

We have partnered with LivingMatrix to provide our nutritional assessment forms. LivingMatrix has collaborated with the Institute of Function Medicine (IFM) to create an online application that automates the paper intake process.  The goal is to allow you to complete health forms easily and for our office to access them in a simplified and organized manner. This allows us to offer you a quick nutritional health screen to help guide you on your journey to better health.

The LivingMatrix platform is HIPPA compliant and secure.  Thousands of private functional medicine practices throughout the country are using the LivingMatrix portal.  So, while you look through my website to see if you think I am a good fit for you, I invite you to follow the steps to the right and get your free Nutritional Health Score today.

Please follow these steps to complete a FREE 

assessment of your current nutritional health status:

Step 1:  It is advised that you complete this using a laptop or desktop computer.  You may run into problems with the site if you use a devise such as your smart phone or tablet to complete this screening questionnaire. Click on the green button below to register for LivingMatrix.  You will be asked to provide some basic contact information so that I can get back to you with your questionnaire results.  


Step 2:  Complete the questions as thoroughly as you can and click 'Submit'.  Once you click Submit, you cannot change any answers.

Step 3:  Check your inbox for an email from me explaining your results along with a few personalized recommendations to help guide you on your journey to better health. 

If you would like to continue with this FREE Health Assessment, click on the green button below.

Please keep in mind the following strict policy that I follow:

     * This registration is for my personal LivingMatrix professional account ONLY

     * Your contact information is for me only so that I can view your questionnaire and respond with your results

     * This is a completely free service whether you book an appointment with me or not

     * This is used solely as a tool to understand your current health and see where you can go from there

     * I do not send spam emails

     * I respect your privacy and I do not sell any email addresses

     * You can be de-activated from my LivingMatrix account at any time

Questions about completing your forms?

 E-Mail LivingMatrix directly at: or call: 1-866-846-7888