"With every bite of food you are either feeding disease or fighting it."

                                      - Dr. Mark Hyman

Healthy Meal Plans


Customized to support

your specific health needs

We have several meal plans to choose from.   

See below for a variety of options to

get you started. 


All of them are also gluten-free.

You can even try one for FREE for 3 days with no obligation!

28-Day Refresh Plan CTA Button.png
AI 5-Day Plan CTA Button.png
Plant-Based 3-Day Plan CTA Button.png
Diabetes Meal Plan CTA Button.png
Low FODMAP 5-Day CTA Button.png
Epicured Plan.png
PCOS Plan CTA Button.png
Functional Nutrition Plan.png
Flex Plan CTA Button.png
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There are so many challenges to eating well these days.   This is where meal plans can help!  


No more guessing what's for dinner or trying to find good recipes to make.   

Choose the meal plan that seems right for you or contact our Registered Dietitian to help you find the right plan to meet your health needs and start today!  

Eating healthier just got a whole lot easier!!

Healthy Meal Plans

We are located inside the O'Shea Yoga studio

365 Franklin Avenue

Wyckoff, NJ

Tel: 917-603-8498

Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Certified Specialist in food sensitivities

KRI Certified Yoga Instructor

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