"When a plants leaves are turning yellow, you don't paint the leaves green. You look at the cause of the problem."

                                      - Dr. Frank Lipman

Don't just guess...

Why guess what's causing your ailments?!? 


Testing allows us to investigate your unique biochemistry and helps us get to the root cause of the problem!

Functional nutrition takes a different approach than what you might be used to.  We look deeper into your individual biochemistry to fully assess your current nutritional health. 


We do this by using functional tests that assess your health at the cellular level.  Functional tests are done by testing various components of your blood, urine, stool and/or breath.


Your health begins at a cellular level and you need the proper balance of nutrients to keep everything in your body working and functioning at it's best. 


It's similar to a car - if you fill the tank with sand, the engine won't run.  But if you use premium gasoline, the engine will run well.  It's the same with your body.  Functional tests help us assess which parts of your body (or the "engine") are showing signs of struggle. 


This approach allows us to get to the root of any imbalance so we can bring your nutritional health back in better balance. To understand more about this functional approach to health, click here.

Some of the things that we can assess with functional tests are listed below:

Functional Nutrition Lab Assessment Tests*

Digestive Function

 - Gut bacteria analysis

 - Protein digestion

 - Fat digestion

 - Malabsorption

 - Inflammation

 - Leaky gut

Food Sensitivities

 - Identify immune reactive foods via the MRT (Mediator Release Test)  

 - Inflammation

 - Malabsorption 

 - Leaky gut


Cellular Nutrient Status

 - Nutrient imbalance or deficiency

 - Malabsorption

 - Inflammation

 - Identify individual nutrient needs

Genomic Vulnerabilities

 - Identify genetic SNPs

   (Single nucleotide polymorphisms)

 - Nutrient utilization

 - Identify individual nutrient needs 

* All testing is an additional cost from the consult fee.  Additional testing is not covered in the price of the consult package.  Some tests may be covered by your health insurance.