"The consequences of moderate shortages of even a single micronutrient, though insufficient to cause overt clinical symptoms, will impair functions essential for long-term health."

                                      - Bruce Ames, PhD   (NIH 2010)

Not All Supplements Offer

the Same Quality

According to the FDA website, "Federal law does not require dietary supplements to be proven safe to FDA's satisfaction before they are marketed."


Therefore, not all supplements are made with the same level of quality.  This is why I recommend only sourcing your supplements from a trusted healthcare provider and not getting them from grocery or drug stores.


As a convenience to my patients, I offer professional-grade brands of supplements available through my online dispensary which I trust and use myself.  


If we meet for a consult and in my assessment I recommend supplements, I will provide you with specific brands,  names of products, and product dosage instructions.

This includes screening for any nutrient-drug interactions since many supplements can interact with other Rx or over-the-counter medications.  This is why it is always recommended that you consult with your primary care physician or other healthcare provider before beginning any new supplement routine.


Supplement intake should also be monitored to ensure that dosage is correct and to determine if it is still needed over time.  Unless you have a genetic reason that is supported by clinical findings that indicates otherwise, most supplements are not intended to be taken for very long periods of time.

Therapeutic Professional-grade Supplements

We always recommend food first as a source for nutrients but there are many clinical reasons why food might not be able to provide enough to meet your individual needs:

  • Your body may require higher needs than usual for clinical reasons such as healing from an injury or excess stress.  Sometimes, you just cannot eat enough from food sources to meet elevated requirements.

  • You may have problems properly digesting and absorbing the nutrients you do consume and so support is needed to help you properly utilize them.

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You can purchase any of these supplements through my online dispensary, Doctors Supplement Store (DSS).  Just click on the box to the right to view my professional page and follow the directions on the home page to set up your account using Registration Code LM994.


You can also call the Customer Service number for DSS directly at 877-846-7122 to place your order. You can tell them that you are ordering from the dispensary of Nutrition Matters, LLC with Linda McLachlan, MA, RDN, FMN, CLT

I have also created some "EZKits", or specific recommendations of my most used brands for common supplements. Browse the site or call us for a recommendation.