Client Testimonials

"I have known for some time that eating clean is an important part of a healthy life.  But with 3 growing children and a demanding job, living a clean life has proven to be difficult for me.  The 1-week cleanses provided by Nutrition Matters are just what I need to stay on track.  By cleansing once a quarter I can break some of my bad habits and feel good again.  Surprisingly, I have learned through this process is that eating clean is not just about physical health - I am amazed at the mental and emotional clarity that results from the cleansing process.  In fact, it's been so helpful to me that I now plan to introduce the process to my teenage sons."

                                                                    - Cathy F.

                                                                    Repeat client of the Catered Nourished Cleanse program

"The Catered Nourished Cleanse is fantastic!  The program is easy to follow, with delicious meals, snacks and juices delivered to your front door.  Each time I have participated in the

7-day program, I felt fantastic both physically and mentally!  Linda provides an amazing support system, educating and supporting her clients throughout the process.  Thank you for all you have done for me!"

                                                                    - Leslie A.

                                                                    Repeat client of the Catered Nourished Cleanse program

"My husband and I participated in the Nutrition Matters 7-day cleanse to get our bodies back on track after the holidays. We love this cleanse because it really helps you think about what you're eating and how it makes you feel. Linda makes everything so easy as she cooks all of the delicious organic meals and even delivers them, including healthy snacks. She also makes herself available any time to answer questions or coach you along if your struggling on any particular day.  By day 7,  I was wishing it was day one and I could do it all over again. The best part is that I didn't experience any "crashing" after I was done. I wanted to continue the way I was feeling and Linda gave me the strategies to do so. I have implemented so many changes from this 7-day cleanse that have helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle!"


                                                                      - Karen Ernst (and Nick Ernst)  

                                                                      Repeat clients of the Catered Nourished Cleanse program

"I loved the juices that I received from Nutrition Matters.  Besides being delicious, I honestly felt the juices helped me boost my immune system.  It was the best medicine I could have asked for during flu season.  While others in my family had the flu, I was able to avoid getting as sick as them.  The portions were very generous and the juices were very fresh!  I couldn't wait to see what surprise was in my cooler each day.  The delivery service was extremely reliable and accommodating.  I truly am a happy customer and look forward to future deliveries from Nutrition Matters."

                                                                        - Laura R.

                                                                        Repeat client of the Catered Nourished Cleanse juices

"I really appreciate all you did for me.  I have continued on my diet and exercise program and have lost more inches than weight, but I'm down 19 lbs...never thought I could do it but with your encouragement I am able to stay motivated."

                                                                         - Vicki S.

                                                                         Client for individual nutrition consults

"I would like to thank you for helping me.  I have been following your advice and I noticed much improvement.  Thank you so much!"

                                                                         - D.C.

                                                                         Client for individual nutrition consults